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Apotheke Reissue Vinyl

About 5-6 years ago, I found this incredible Afrofunk record by a band called Apotheke in Aachen Germany - the town that I grew up in - and I couldn't believe that this came from this very town, as it sounded like something that could've easily been recorded in the Caribbeans or in West Africa. I uploaded it to Youtube and immediately got yelled at by French boogie funk collectors as I was giving away "their secret". But I always believed that it is about sharing music and not withholding any information. Long story short, I played it to a bunch of people and word got out to Roskow Kretschmann, a former member of the world famous Jazzanova and one half of Black Pearl Records. As always, they did a thorough job and just published a reissue with the main track "Hi Baby Out" on the A-side and the never before released "War" on the flip. You can enjoy/buy the record via their bandcamp site here or - if you're in the US - swing by the Human Head NYC store in Bushwick to pick up a copy in our store.