New feature on German television!

A few weeks ago, a team from the German TV station WDR came to New York to shed some light on what I do here in the city. It's in German language, but even if you don't understand what I'm saying, I hope you'll enjoy this!

Do The Yachtrockaway Mix

At the beginning of this summer, I decided to dive deeper into the mysterious world of soft rock and sunset disco and started my own thing called "Do The Yachtrockaway" - NYC's first daytime event dedicated to the softer sounds of Rock, Jazz, Folk, Soul, Funk, and Disco. The crispy sound that was influenced by California and its mindstate coming from that golden age of recording and can even be found today still. I'm super excited about this and look forward to the next ones, as summer is moving fast! To get an idea of what "Do The Yachtrockaway" is all about musically, I've put together a mix you can listen to here:

I hope you enjoy this just as much as I do. Vol. 2 coming soon!

It's been a while...

...since I was active here, but that does not mean that nothing was done. Digged through a ton of records in the past weeks and we will bring some of these to WFMU (the biggest record fair in the country in Greenpoint) this weekend with the HUMAN HEAD NYC Crew. Also very excited to be back on the decks with DJ Toy and Khalil Livin' Proof for another episode of Shapes at Louie & Chan tomorrow! Hope to see you on the dancefloor!

New Mix Online

First new mix for in 2017 is online now! Not only was TAM TAM in Aachen - the city in Germany that I grew up in -the first record store I've ever worked in, but in its more than 30 years of existence it was also always a hub for new and old music for me. Countless memories of record talk and great records of all genres. If you're ever in the Kaiserstadt, pay them a visit. And for now, I hope you enjoy my mix of electronic extravganza of all decades, ranging from Italian goodies to Detroit tracks - this time all mixed on a format that isn't neccessarily the best format for this kind of music (7inch vinyl) but nevertheless it needed to be done. Let the small records speak! Shout out to the whole TamTam crew back in Germany!

Christmas High - A Collection of Christmas songs you may have never heard before

Here is a collection of Christmas songs that you may have never heard before - from slow soul from Brooklyn via upstate NY surf rock to original Calpyso from Trinidad to Swiss Souljazz - some rare and unearthed tracks in here for your listening pleasure. Hope you'll enjoy!

Christmas High Tracklist
1. Intro
2. Christmas Medley (Sticky Dojah’s Edit) - German Swiss Light Orchestra
3. Christmas Everyday - The Miracles
4. Soul Santa - The Funk Machine
5. Santa Claus Hop - Jimmy Ashby
6. Christmas Time - T.G. Fury
7. X-Mas Song - Mattison
8. Christmas Comes Once A Year - Amos Milburn
9. Christmas On The Istmus - Georgie Allen
10. What Do You Want For Christmas - The Third Party

Apotheke Reissue Vinyl

About 5-6 years ago, I found this incredible Afrofunk record by a band called Apotheke in Aachen Germany - the town that I grew up in - and I couldn't believe that this came from this very town, as it sounded like something that could've easily been recorded in the Caribbeans or in West Africa. I uploaded it to Youtube and immediately got yelled at by French boogie funk collectors as I was giving away "their secret". But I always believed that it is about sharing music and not withholding any information. Long story short, I played it to a bunch of people and word got out to Roskow Kretschmann, a former member of the world famous Jazzanova and one half of Black Pearl Records. As always, they did a thorough job and just published a reissue with the main track "Hi Baby Out" on the A-side and the never before released "War" on the flip. You can enjoy/buy the record via their bandcamp site here or - if you're in the US - swing by the Human Head NYC store in Bushwick to pick up a copy in our store.

So last night...

I found myself at Up & Down on 14th street to celebrate the 100th issue of Fader magazine (major thanks to DJ Toy and the homegirl Payton). It was - as they say - "lit", tons of people rolled through, overall nice vibes and I even got to take a pic with one of Canada's best...

After that, the Bowery Electric was the next location to celebrate DJ Boogie Blind's birthday at one of the best parties in NYC, Mobile Mondays. Here, I immediately turned into my 12 year old self upon meeting super lovely Darlene Ortiz, Ice T's first wife and a more than Iconic part on his first two album covers (she was promoting her new book "Definition Of Down"). I couldn't get myself to telling her that some of my first sexual experiences were tied to the "Power" cover, but somehow I had a feeling that she knew. Or, as the homie Rok One phrased it: "You're not Hip Hop, if you haven't jerked off to that album cover".

After that, Boogie Blind and Skratch Bastid killed it with great 45 sets. Happy birthday and salute again. If you ever have the chance, come down to Mobile Mondays in NYC. Hands down one of the best parties in NYC! This night can truly be filed under "Happy Monday"!

Boogie Blind, one of Harlem's finest. He enjoyed the Dusty Donuts promos I gave him...

Boogie Blind, one of Harlem's finest. He enjoyed the Dusty Donuts promos I gave him...

The man Skratch Bastid killed it with the 45s.

The man Skratch Bastid killed it with the 45s.