I have a home on the Internet now! Let's celebrate at the Ace Hotel!

Super excited to finally get this going here. Everything is still a work in progress, but yeah, check back here for updates on events and to get info about life, records and cat pictures. And to start things off this Monday, I'm thrilled to rock the turntables tonight at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan with the one Joel Davis from All City Sounds! I'll be on from around 9-10:30pm, playing an all vinyl set that will mostly be alot of 45s and a few albums and 12"s...one record that you definitely will hear is this little gem that I found recently on one of my diggin' trips. Barbara Carroll's "From the beginning" (sic) is a wonderful jazz track from the album with the same name from the late 70s. This now 90 year old lady was - in the words of Leonard Feather - "the first girl to ever play bebop piano". And she can definitely play piano!  Enjoy!



More info about the man Joel Davis here